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Kids 2 to 6 years will have fun and learn in our year-round Preschool Program.  The Preschool Program will run Monday through Friday.

2-3.5 Year Olds Preschool

- Tuesdays and Thursdays

- 9-11AM

3.5-6 Year Olds Preschool

- Monday, Wednesday and Friday

- 9-12 AM

Our cost-effective party option will be available every day!



The Pop In Kid’s Club facility can be rented!  We will have specific times available for private events and parties so you and your family can enjoy the VIP treatment at Pop In Kid’s Club!

We will offer many activity options at Pop In Kids Club! Your child will have many options for entertainment, including both low-tech, high-tech and no-tech options. 

Snacks will be provided.  Meals may be brought from home or purchased from Pop In Kids Club.

At Pop In Kids Club, safety is very important to us. 

Identification will be required to pick up your child, and children will need to be accompanied by a staff member in order to open the secured doors.
Semi-private party
private party
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